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Dasha Chinese Cresteds
Hello, and Welcome to our website! My name is Brandi Ritchie, and our goal in our breeding program is to
breed healthy, happy dogs while improving the breed. We show our dogs in Conformation, which has been a
passion of mine for many, many years. My parents first introduced me to showing Dobermans and Miniature
Pinschers at the ripe old age of 5. Since then I have shown many breeds, including Ibizan Hounds, Standard
Poodles, Many toy breeds including Cresteds. Then I was hooked on these fun loving little dogs and couldn't
imagine my life without them. We have worked very hard to get the best dogs we can, I want to Thank
everyone who helped us along the way! Enjoy the site and visit often!!

PS Thank you to my wonderful talented son, Brandon for
taking most of these amazing pictures =)
Me to 5 Years old showing
my beloved Min Pin "Puddin"
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